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How to buy buy bitcoin with Mpesa in Kenya

Cryptocurrencies have been welcomed in Kenya and have continued to gain popularity on a daily basis. In 2021, Kenya occupied the 5th position on the list of top twenty countries that trade crypto. This analysis automatically places Kenya in the first position among African countries using bitcoin. Kenyans who have been trading bitcoin using the Peer-to-Peer mechanisms now have the opportunity to buy and sell crypto on Yellow Card - a cryptocurrency exchange platform that offers fast and secure services at considerably low prices.

Trade Bitcoin in Kenya with Yellow Card

Some months back, buying and selling bitcoin in Kenya through the Yellow Card platform required using Standard bank transfers. This process seemed to have excluded unbanked and underbanked Kenyans. The good news is that henceforth, trading bitcoin has been facilitated with the introduction of Mobile Money services which permit bitcoin users to buy bitcoin using their Mobile Money (MoMo) accounts. Moreover, with the MoMo services, Kenyans can sell their bitcoin and make direct withdrawals in Kenyan Shillings (KES) without going through the stress of having to queue up in banks.

How to buy bitcoin in Kenya with Mobile Money

To buy bitcoin with momo, follow the steps below

  1. Log in for a Yellow Card account
  2. Fund your wallet with Kenyan Shillings. You can add money to your wallet using  Momo:
    - Select Deposit
    - Enter the desired amount you want to deposit
    - Select Continue with Flutterwave
    - Select your Mobile Money provider and enter your mobile number below;
    - Complete your payment - once done, your deposited funds should reflect in your wallet.
  3. Buy bitcoin by following  the steps below:
    - Log in to your Yellow Card account
    - Select Bitcoin
    - Select  Trade
    - Select Buy
    - Enter your desired amount
    - Tap continue then confirm.

How to sell bitcoin and withdraw Shillings in Kenya

You can also sell bitcoin on Yellow Card by following the steps below

  •  Log in to your account. 
  • Select Bitcoin
  • Select  Trade
  • Select sell
  • Enter your desired amount
  • Tap continue and confirm

Once you have sold your bitcoin, you can withdraw your Kenyan Shillings to your bank account.


Cryptocurrency believers in Kenya can trade their bitcoin at the time of their convenience without any fear of being scammed. Yellow Card services are available at any time and any day to meet your Crypto needs.

Start Trading Bitcoin with MoMo