Year in Retrospect: Crypto Initiatives, Growth and Adoption in 2022.

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Year in review 2022

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In 2022, a lot of things happened, and there were highs and lows for everyone. Here is a summary of the events that stood out to us the most in 2022.

It's time to celebrate another fantastic year in the crypto space. This year we witnessed remarkable feats within the crypto space, even in a mostly bearish market. We saw countries in Africa and globally pursue crypto initiatives and regulations. It felt like there was a race to see which country or company would present the next outstanding crypto initiatives. 

Here at Yellow Card, we also rolled out some fascinating new features for our amazing customers. It was beautiful to celebrate our milestones this year with you, for without you, there would be no us.

2022 had its highs and lows, but here’s a recap of our most memorable highlights of 2022. 

January 1: BTC commenced the year with a price of $46,450, while ETH traded at $3,690.

January 3: El Salvador president, CEO of Nexo, and Goldman Sach Analysts predicted BTC would hit $100,000 in 2022.

January 4: Bitcoin celebrated its 13th anniversary.

January 5: Yellow Card relaunched operations in Nigeria and introduced a new feature USDT TRC-20 on its platform.

February 11: Ripple Becomes Sixth largest cryptocurrency.

February 18: Cardano Surpassed the 30 million transactions milestone

February 25: LUNA ranks among the top 10 cryptocurrencies in market cap after a funding round.

March 14:  Ukraine legalises Cryptocurrencies 

Apr 15: ETH Dips Below $3,000 and BTC below $40,000

April 20: Pan African exchange, Yellow Card, unveils new brand identity to reflect expansion, influence and positioning across the continent.

April 27: Central African Republic becomes the first African nation To adopt bitcoin as a legal tender. 

May 14: Algorithmic stablecoin LUNA crashes, resulting in significant losses for traders. 

May 23: The total market cap of cryptocurrencies falls below $1.3 trillion

May 27: Terra launches LUNA 2.0 after the price clash of LUNA

June 9: Jack Dorsey announces plans for Web5, the future of the internet.

June 17: BTC drops to $21,000 and ETH to $1,100, pushing the total crypto market cap below $1 Trillion

June 23: Solana Launches its Mobile phone, Saga.

July 1: Bitcoin Dips below $20,000

July 3: Central Africa Republic’s Crypto Hub, Sango, is launched

July 28: Solana launches physical store to educate customers

Aug 5: Crypto market cap gains back $1 trillion, with BTC trading over $25,000 and ETH above $2,000

August 16: Yellow Card launches Yellow Pay, a payment product that allows you to send money easily in Africa, instantly, at no extra cost.  

September 12: Yellow Card celebrated 1 million customers in 16 countries 

September 14: Tesla launched a product, cyberwhistle, that can only be bought with DOGE

September  15: Ethereum Successfully Migrates to Proof of Stake (PoS) Network

September 19: Yellow Card raises $40 Million in Series B Funding Round

September  22: Cardano's much anticipated Vasil Upgrade Goes Live

October 8: Ethereum attains the  deflationary status

October 15: Africa Accounts For World's Largest Crypto Retail Sales

October 17: Bitcoin Added to The Guinness Book Of World Records

October 21: South Africa recognises cryptocurrency as a financial product

October 24: Yellow Card receives First Ever African Virtual Asset License in Botswana

October 25: Nigeria Celebrates First Anniversary of its CBDC

October 31; Bitcoin Community Celebrated Bitcoin’s Whitepaper 14th Anniversary.

November 14; DOGE Replaces Cardano ADA as 6th Largest Cryptocurrency

November 11:: FTX crypto exchange crashes, causing a bear run. 

November 22: Crypto Market Cap Slips Below $800 Billion Temporarily as BTC dropped below $16,000 and ETH below $1,200.

December 8: and Coca-Cola Launch NFT Collection Inspired by FIFA 2022

December 14:  Crypto Market Cap Soars to $874 Billion BTC closes in on  $18,000, and ETH trades above $1,200. 

December 15: Forbes 30 Under 30 honours Yellow Card co-founders as pioneers in the crypto industry.

December 22: Marshal Island passes a law legalising Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs)

A lot happened in 2022, and it was tough to keep up. With cryptocurrencies going mainstream and more countries open-minded about crypto, we can only hope for more growth and a bullish market. At Yellow Card, we aren’t slowing down either, and we look forward to improving our product and rolling out more fantastic features for you.

Cheers to more growth in 2022! Happy HODL-days!