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Ripple (XRP)

F CFA 314 0.95


F CFA 616 0

Solana (SOL)

F CFA 12,104 0.15

Ethereum (ETH)

F CFA 984,330 0.46


F CFA 616 0

Celo Dollar (CUSD)

F CFA 609 0.42

Stellar (XLM)

F CFA 71 1.68

Matic (MATIC)

F CFA 321 1.59

Cardano (ADA)

F CFA 151 1.49

Bitcoin (BTC)

F CFA 16,404,237 0.01

Gold Tether (XAUT)

F CFA 1,185,669 0.44


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Exchange Rates

Deposit Fees

Withdrawal Fees

Trading Rate
Buying crypto XOF 665.26 / USD
Selling crypto XOF 637.54 / USD

Creating financial inclusion across Africa

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I use yellow card because it is a simple application to use. Everything is OK.

My experience using Yellow Card was amazing. I think it’s a good network to buy and exchange crypto money

Its easy to use the app... interacting with the app is superb in terms of the look and feel. The app/wallet seems secure and the support team is always prompt to assist. I love the app... its such an experience.

Accessing digital assets such as Bitcoins & USDT hasn't been easy for the Zambian community with prevalent scam platforms. Thanks to Yellow Card for providing a KYC compliant platform for easy access of Digital assets with instant deposits and cashouts.

The app is very easy to download and install,it is even easier to deposit money as the wallet is linked with both local and international banks located in our surroundings ,withdrawals is instant in the app

The fact that I can transact in crypto currencies directly using my local currency through mobile money makes the yellowcard app a dream come true for me plus the user interface is way too friendly. Yellowcard app is a “must have” app

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