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Multiple Payment Options

You can buy bitcoin online with kwacha using mobile money, bank transfer and other payment methods.

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We want everyone to have access to cryptocurrency and the financial freedom it provides for us all.

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Security of our customers' funds is our top priority. Our system is built from the ground up with streamlined security for our users.

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What can you do with your bitcoin?

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You can hold onto your Bitcoin in your Yellow Card wallet for as long as you want. Your assets are always safe.

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Pay for goods and services with bitcoin. More vendors now accept bitcoin. Know a vendor using Yellow Card, pay them instantly without any extra charges.

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Selling crypto on Yellow Card is easy, and you can sell BTC at the best rate and cash out ZMW to your mobile money or bank account instantly.

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You can send Bitcoin to anyone in the world within minutes. No more delayed money transfers.

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Convert your bitcoin to another crypto, stablecoin or fiat value right in your wallet.

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Improve your knowledge for free with our in-depth articles and become a crypto expert on Yellow Card Academy.

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