Advantages of Getting Started with Crypto Today



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Advantages of getting started with crypto


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The steady rise in the value of cryptocurrencies over the years is among the reasons you should statr buying bitcoin today

In 2009 when bitcoin was launched, several people to whom the opportunity was offered remained sceptical about its sustainability. 

Over ten years, the steady increase of bitcoin estimated at about 100% – 200% per year, has left all the sceptics in regret. On the other hand, early crypto enthusiasts who bought bitcoin expressed little regret as they have seen amazing returns. 

The question about when to buy crypto remains difficult to answer, following the high volatility of cryptocurrencies. However, the advantages that come with using bitcoin are far more important and worth considering. 

Why buy bitcoin?

The use of local currencies like the USD, Euro, or XAF in financial transactions appears to be more constraining than cryptocurrencies. 

Traditional finance systems though highly regulated put users in inconvenient situations. For instance, high charges and sluggish transaction processes which often characterise such systems get customers pissed off most times. 

On the contrary, using bitcoin is more convenient. With a bitcoin wallet, you can carry out transactions from anywhere at your convenience, without having to queue up in a bank or any money transfer agency. 

Interestingly, cryptocurrency platforms charge considerably low charges for both internal and cross-border transactions. 

Where to buy your bitcoin

To be free from scam schemes and unreliable P2P trade, you can buy bitcoin on Yellow Card. 

Yellow Card is a legit and reliable Pan-African crypto exchange platform, now present in 16 African countries, and permits you to buy, sell and trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT at the best rates.

Yellow Card also permits you to sell your bitcoin and withdraw its equivalent through your MoMo account.

The problems faced in receiving money from friends and family abroad are solved by Yellow Card as there are no limits to the amount of money you can receive in your account. 

Learn more about Crypto on Yellow Card Academy

Apart from resolving problems faced in financial transactions, Yellow Card also puts financial literacy at the centre of its project.

On Yellow Card Academy, you can have access to a wide range of articles that will help you understand Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Besides, your journey to financial literacy is made easier with our well-researched educational articles available in English, French, and other local African languages for beginners, and intermediate and advanced learners.

To conclude...

Cryptocurrencies evolve rapidly and are getting more recognition on daily basis. The most recent news on cryptocurrency in Africa is the adoption of bitcoin as legal tender in the Central African Republic (CAR) alongside the XAF. 

Therefore, the time to buy bitcoin is now. 

Get started with bitcoin