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Joel O

Joel O.

Storing your Crypto asset is the first thing to consider when purchasing any Cryptocurrency asset of your choice.

Consider going to the bank to deposit money without having a bank account. The same goes for crypto assets. For you to be able to store your Cryptocurrency asset, you need a wallet. A wallet replaces a bank for digital assets. It enables users to be their bank by being a protective custodian of their crypto assets.

What is a wallet?

A Cryptocurrency wallet is an electronic device that serves as a storage to store your crypto asset.  There are various Crypto wallets available today.  They come in different forms, sizes, and shapes, and they enable users to store their Crypto assets securely.

You need to know how to use a bitcoin wallet and also how to store your Crypto asset with Yellow Card.

Step 1: Sign Up

The first step in securing a Yellow Card crypto wallet is to sign up. This is core as it provides you access to your account and helps verify that you indeed own the wallet. The requirements are as follows

Full name

Phone number

Date of birth

Email address


Step 2: Verify

The second step in securing a Yellow Card crypto wallet is to verify your email address by clicking on the confirmation link sent to your email address after registration.

Step 3: Log In

The third and final step is to log in to your Yellow Card account and navigate to the preferred crypto wallet of your choice.

It is essential that you set up an extra layer of security for your Yellow Card crypto wallet to ensure that your account is only accessible to you This is why we have added a Two-Factor Authentication requirement. 2FA provides you with additional security by generating a time-sensitive One Time Password (OTP) that must be entered before you can log in to your account. Here’s how to activate 2FA on your Yellow Card account.

Due to the sensitive nature of the OTP, you should never share it with anyone, regardless of who they are or claim to be.

How to store your Crypto

Your crypto wallet with Yellow Card is secured with modern technology to ensure that you can leave your crypto in it for as long as you want without the risk of losing your assets. To keep your crypto, you can:

  1. Buy Crypto: Yellow Card exchange allows you to buy Bitcoin at the best rate with your local currency, once purchased on Yellow Card, your cryptocurrency is automatically added to your wallet where it will remain safe until you either sell it or withdraw it.

  2. Receive Crypto: You may also choose to send crypto from other wallets into your Yellow Card wallet for safekeeping or receive as gifts from family and friends - that’s totally fine! All you need to do is copy your wallet address and send it to the person who wants to send crypto to you.

    It is important to note that you must send the right coin to the appropriate wallet. For instance, if you want to receive Bitcoin, you should send your Bitcoin wallet address and ensure that the person only sends Bitcoin to it - not Ethereum, Litecoin or Tether - or else you will lose your coins.

To get started, simply create an account at or log in if you already have one.