Instant Deposits and Withdrawals Now Available in Zambia



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Instant Deposits and Withdrawals Now Available in Zambia


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We bring good news to you! Mobile money payment is now available in Zambia. Henceforth, no more delays in transactions on Yellow Card. With the Mobile money service, benefit from fast, seamless, secure deposits and withdrawals on Yellow Card. 

Moreover, Yellow Card recently added new coins to its platform, which you can buy and sell at the best rates through your mobile money account. It's time to say goodbye to delayed bank transfers and the extra cost of displacing yourself to the bank. Simply enjoy instant transactions in a few clicks on your mobile phone.

After over 12 years of existence, cryptocurrencies have become an interesting domain. In Zambia,increasing public interest in cryptocurrencies has been observed by the Bank of Zambia (BoZ). Even though crypto is not legal tender here, many Zambians continue to use it to pay for goods and services. The  numerous use cases of crypto have created an increasingly growing crypto community in Africa and Zambia precisely. 

Yellow Card is here to make the journey for crypto enthusiasts in Zambia smooth, legal and transparent. Using Yellow Card frees you from scam schemes and unreliable traders.
We are bringing our services to your doorsteps by introducing  Mobile money services to ease your crypto transactions. Interestingly, buying and selling any crypto available on our platform puts you in charge of your finances on a daily basis. 

And that’s not all, you can also use our newest product, Yellow Pay to send and receive money to and from over 15 other African countries for free. 


Trade Multiple Coins in Zambia with Yellow Card

Trade BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, ADA, SOL and cUSD on Yellow Card. You can choose to use your bank transfers or Mobile money. However, using Mobile money to trade on Yellow Card is more beneficial, convenient and flexible.

Some years ago, trading crypto required USD, but today, you can use the Zambian Kwacha  (ZMW) to buy crypto on Yellow Card. Also, you can sell your Crypto and withdraw ZMW via your Momo account. Never again will you queue up in the bank to make crypto transactions.

How To Buy Crypto in Zambia With Mobile Money

To buy crypto on Yellow Card with Mobile money, follow the steps below

  1. Sign in to your  Yellow Card account;
  2. Fund your wallet with Zambian Kwacha; 

From your dashboard,

  • Select Deposit;
    Select Mobile money as your preferred deposit method;
  • Select your  Mobile money provider from the list (MTN);
  • Enter the Amount you want to deposit in ZMW;
    Select Continue; 
  • Enter your phone number (it must be the number used to verify your Yellow Card account);
  • Complete your payment - once done, your deposited funds should reflect in your wallet instantly.
  1. Buy crypto :
    - Sign in to your Yellow Card account
    - From your dashboard, click Crypto to choose the crypto you want to buy
    - Select Buy
    - Enter your desired amount
    - Continue and confirm.

The crypto will instantly reflect in your crypto wallet

How to Sell Crypto and Withdraw Kwacha in Zambia

You can sell crypto on Yellow Card by following the steps below

  • Sign in to your Yellow Card account; 
  • From your dashboard, click Crypto;
  • Select the crypto you want to sell;
  • Click on Sell;
  • Enter your desired amount;
  • Tap confirm to validate the sale.

Withdraw via  Mobile money

  •  Sign in to your Yellow Card Account;
  • From your dashboard, click Withdraw;
  • Select preferred withdrawal method (Mobile Money);
  • Enter desired amount;
  • Enter your phone number and choose service provider;
  • Enter your Yellow Card PIN;
  • Click confirm to validate the transaction.

Your Mobile Money account will be instantly credited with ZMW.

Start your Journey of Financial Inclusion with Yellow Card

Finance futurologists have predicted that Crypto is the future of finance. Starting your journey in the crypto space today will place you ahead of your peers and help you in having control over your finances.

Trading Crypto on Yellow Card is the path to financial inclusion. Zambians from different social classes and financial statuses have a key role to play in this journey.

Start Trading Crypto with Mobile Money