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Yellow Card is excited to announce we have received an investment from Metal VC! We are grateful to have the opportunity to partner with a leader in the crypto space. This investment will help to facilitate our growth into other African markets and the continued development of new features on the Yellow Card platform.

Metal VC is the new venture arm of its parent company Metal Pay. It aims to invest in companies that are disrupting the financial industry and focusing on decentralization. They are looking for more than just to make a profitable investment, Metal Vc wants to build strong relationships and provide access to resources for the companies they invest in. Metal takes a unique approach to examining companies for its funds, focusing more on the founders than common metrics.

The parent company of Metal Vc, Metal Pay, was founded in 2016. It allows users to send money instantly and rewards them for each transaction. Users are rewarded in MTC coin, which is Metal's native currency.