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Instant Deposits With Momo


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Buying bitcoin with MoMo in Rwanda is simple and fast to complete. Learn how to buy bitcoin with MoMo in just a few steps.

Crypto adoption has grown over the years as more Rwandans have come to learn about the potential of cryptocurrencies and how they can improve the economy. Rwandans have come to not only earn a living with crypto but have also been able to bridge the limitations of their traditional financial institutions. 

When making local and cross-border transactions, cryptocurrencies provide faster, less stressful, and lower transaction costs. Although Rwandans recognise the value of cryptocurrencies, they may face difficulties in finding a payment platform that is secure, has competitive rates and is easy to use.

Yellow Card understands this and is committed to providing Rwandans with the best possible crypto experience by making its platform simple to use, offering the best rates, and providing a simple-to-use to use payment platform at no additional cost.

With Yellow Card’s introduction of its latest payment option, Mobile money (MoMo) you can enjoy a fast, secure and affordable way of buying and selling bitcoin directly from your mobile phone. Yellow Card allows you to buy bitcoin, Usdt, tether in Rwanda with RWF at the best rate. 

How to Buy Bitcoin with MoMo in Rwanda

Here is how to easily buy bitcoin with momo:

To do this, first, create an account on the Yellow Card web app or the mobile app (available on App Store For iOS and Google Play store for Android) if you don’t already have one. This will only take a few minutes and it is absolutely free with no hidden charges. To proceed to buy bitcoin with momo: 

  1. Log in to your Yellow Card account
  2. From your dashboard select deposit
  3. Choose the Mobile Money option
  4. Enter the amount you want to deposit
  5. Tap continue
  6. Your account will be credited instantly with the deposited amount.

How to Withdraw Bitcoin to Mobile Money in Rwanda

In Rwanda, you can also sell bitcoin and withdraw your funds directly to Mobile Money. This might be bitcoin that you already have in your Yellow Card wallet, or you could send bitcoin from external wallets to your YC wallet and sell.

To begin, go to your bitcoin wallet from your dashboard and sell the desired amount of bitcoin. Then, to withdraw  your money, follow these steps:

  1. On your dashboard, click on withdrawal
  2. Select Mobile money
  3. Input the desired amount you wish to withdraw
  4. Tap “Continue”
  5. Confirm your withdrawal with your transaction pin
  6.  Your funds will be instantly credited to your mobile number.

As part of its mission of "financial inclusion for all," Yellow Card is working towards making cryptocurrencies more accessible to Rwandans. You can easily buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrency with MoMo at no additional cost. Get more with Yellow Card! Get more with MoMo!

Buy Bitcoin with MoMo