Women Leading the Crypto Revolution: Achieving Equity and Empowering the Next Generation



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Women Leading the Crypto Revolution: Achieving Equity and Empowering the Next Generation


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This article explores women's strides and highlights the achievements of female leaders, providing insight into creating an environment that allows women to thrive in the industry.

Over the last few years, there’s been a noticeable increase in the number of women making strides and taking up leadership roles, and the crypto space is no exception. In 2022 we saw a significant rise in crypto ownership of women aged 18-34 from 29% in the third quarter to 34% in the fourth quarter. 

While twice as many men than women invest in cryptocurrencies, women in the space have taken strides to empower themselves and their local communities. Today, we see a rise in female-founded crypto companies such as Cloyr and Lightening Labs. This shows women are starting to take a more active role in crypto, not only as investors but as leaders solving problems and inspiring young women. 

However, despite the growth we’ve seen, there is still a long way to go in achieving equity in the crypto space, yet these developments are certainly a step in the right direction. Efforts are being made to encourage and empower women to enter the industry. In fact, Yellow Card led a “Women in Crypto” campaign in 2022 dedicated to educating women about crypto and lowering the barrier to crypto adoption.

A Woman’s Place Is In The Lead, And Look How Far She’s Come

Yellow Card’s ambassadorial program, inspired towards empowering youths to educate their local community while earning a passive income, has seen powerful women take the stand in their communities. Over the past six months, the female ambassadors have consistently been the highest earners in the program, raking in the most commissions based on their high performance. 

While the Ambassador program has been instrumental in empowering women through its learning and development training for women, these women have inspired their community to join the crypto revolution.  Alabi Susan, one of Yellow Card’s female leads, single-handedly planned and led a strategy focused on brand awareness and educating her local community about crypto through her team leadership and strategy.

“My experience with Yellow Card has been an exciting and challenging opportunity to grow my capacity and ultimately to share crypto with my community. I have been able to earn from the program, which has gone towards personal and school needs. In my time as team lead on the Ambassador program, I have been able to hone my event planning and marketing skills and lead a team of about 10 fellow brand ambassadors in my University (Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria),” said Alabi

Ademu Precious and Oluwatomisi Lapite, one of the many female hustlers, with their resilience and high performance, earned status as the top earners within the program. These women are just a few of many who have risen within their positions to lead changes in their community.

This growth is not limited to the crypto space.  In fact, in one of Yellow Card’s CSR initiatives to provide merch to POS operatives, it was discovered that they were primarily women. While the program initially focused on educating these women about the crypto space, we uncovered an important lesson. These women make up an essential part of the Nigerian financial system as they facilitate thousands of transactions per day in rural/ urban communities. In their strides, they have been instrumental in providing financial inclusion. 

In Yellow Card’s interview sessions with customers, “Crypto gist”, we’ve also heard inspiring stories of how several women started in the crypto space and are now stakeholders in sharing the crypto gospel. 

Women Are Our Future. Can We Inspire Them To Lead?

The crypto industry is slowly becoming more diverse and inclusive, with more women taking on leadership roles and investing in cryptocurrencies. However, despite progress being made, women remain underrepresented in the crypto space. It is essential to create an environment that allows them to thrive and pursue careers in crypto and fintech. 

Women succeeding in the crypto and fintech space can be powerful role models for young women interested in pursuing careers in these industries. By highlighting the achievements of women in the industry, we can inspire the next generation of female leaders. Additionally, providing mentorship and networking opportunities while offering training and education is one of the many ways women can be inspired to join the crypto community. 

Building a culture that values diversity and inclusivity is crucial to encouraging women to pursue careers in crypto and fintech. This can be achieved by promoting diversity in hiring, offering flexible work arrangements, and creating a supportive and inclusive work environment. 

By taking these actions, we can help ensure that women can thrive in the crypto and fintech space and continue to make significant contributions to these industries. This is essential for women and the industry as a whole, as it brings in fresh perspectives and ideas that can help drive innovation and growth.