Yellow Card Donates $5000 To Purple Skills Klinic Foundation To Empower Ugandan Youths.

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Yellow Card Donates $5,000 For Youth Empowerment

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Yellow Card sponsors Purple Skills Clinic, a youth empowerment initiative which will aid Ugandan youths in overcoming unemployment.

It gives us great pleasure to introduce Yellow Card as a sponsor of the Purple Skills Clinic, a youth empowerment initiative led by Douglas Lwanga which will aid Ugandan youths in overcoming unemployment. Our mission here at Yellow Card has always been financial inclusion, and for us, this also means empowering our customers to attain financial freedom. 

Yellow Card is dedicated to empowering and enabling financial inclusion. This is why with our free easy-to-learn guide Yellow Card Academy, you can easily learn about crypto, blockchain, and financial literacy to guide you to financial freedom.

Our Brand Ambassador Program is another initiative by Yellow Card that allows youths to earn a passive income through referrals. Along with networking with cryptocurrency experts and receiving commission on trading fees, they also develop a valuable resume in management, sales, marketing, public relations, and social media.

Purple Skills Klinic is an initiative to help Uganda youths fight unemployment with the mission to empower Youth in overcoming financial difficulties. According to Yellow Card Uganda’s Manager, the funds are to facilitate the illiteracy aversion project the foundation is undertaking.

With this small donation, we hope through Douglas’ initiative, we can not only reach a handout but also leave an impact on the young people of Uganda. This is an honour for us as Yellow Card and a contribution to this country,” Abel Namureba, Yellow Card Country Manager, said.

With the sponsorship, Yellow Card can help Ugandans leverage technology and earn a living. Youths will be guided on how to make money with crypto and access other opportunities in the digital space through the master classes Purple Skills Klinic will hold.

The partnership will allow us to have a more extensive presence, promote our brand in front of a wider audience, and help society engage with the communities around us. During activations campaigns to educate Ugandan Youths, we’ll also meet and inform customers interested in crypto; our experts will help educate them and onboard them to earn with cryptocurrencies.

I am really proud that Yellow Card has decided to support us and our initiative to kick out illiteracy among the young people of Uganda. This is something we have been waiting on,

we are really glad,” Douglas Lwanga, the Purple Skills Klinic Foundation Founder, said.

With the mentorship program at Purple Skills Klinic, youths can unlock opportunities for themselves in the digital space, effectively overcoming unemployment. The partnership shows our continued support for the region's communities and heartlands.