Yellow Card Over-the-Counter (OTC) Trading

Get direct access to OTC liquidity and crypto-transaction solutions. Enjoy convenient services and trade execution management anywhere in Africa.

Oduro with OTC Q&A

Why trade with Yellow Card?


Deep liquidity pools

We offer competitive rates for crypto trading and slippage.


Global coverage

With a wide range of fiat currencies available, you can trade bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies to suit your needs.


Major trading access

Our OTC team is strategically stationed across Africa to take your order and manage your trade executions any time.

How to start trading

Start trading in three simple steps at our OTC desk

Rehane reviewing papers


Before we set up an OTC desk for you please fill in this form


Upload and submit the required documents to set up your desk and increase your trading limit.


Get connected with our expert traders to start executing your orders.

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Frequently Asked Questions
You can trade a minimum $50,000 per trade on our OTC desk, although we will consider smaller volumes in certain regions.

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