Send cash across borders instantly with Yellow Pay

The seamless, secure way to send and receive cash across borders instantly, for free, powered by Stablecoins!
Yellow Pay uses Yellow Card’s Stablecoin on/off ramp platform to complete customer transactions in USDT. Yellow Pay is not a money remittance or foreign currency exchange service.
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Create an account

Sign up by simply creating an account on our website, or by downloading our mobile app on iOS and Android.


Verify your account

To complete your profile, you need to be verified. Please upload the relevant identification documents.


Start sending and receiving

Use Yellow Pay to send and receive cash across Africa instantly. IT. IS. FREE!

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Scan this QR code to download the Yellow Card App

Available in IOS and Android

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Lightning fast payments

Connecting you to Africa simply means you can make transactions anywhere. It’s as easy and fast as sending a text message.

Say goodbye to high fees and enjoy great rates

Our rates are calculated against the US dollar because it is powered by USDT. This gives you access to efficient, borderless payments at competitive rates and fees.

Frequently Asked Questions
Yellow Pay is available to everyone across Africa, whether you're a Yellow Card customer or not.