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Why Mint NFT on Polygon? 

How To Create An NFT For Free 

Make Your NFT Dreams A Reality

NFTs are one of the trending buzzwords in the cryptocurrency industry. This is mainly because of the hype it has been receiving from crypto and NFT enthusiasts. The non-fungible token interest grew beyond the cryptocurrency community and became a pop culture phenomenon when musicians like Eminem and Snoop Dogg joined the bandwagon of NFT investors. 

While millions of dollars are splashed in the NFT market, the average internet user can also get an NFT by learning how to make an NFT for free. It is not rocket science as you do not have to use the popular ethereum blockchain to do this and pay heavy gas fees. 

The Polygon network is a more preferable option to make free NFTs so let’s dig in and explore how to make an NFT for free without having to splash thousands and millions of dollars in the NFT market.

What are NFTs?

You might have probably asked "What are NFTs?" or heard it discussed on media outlets. Today, it is almost impossible for the average internet user not to come across the word in a day due to its popularity. 

Non-fungible tokens are digital assets or proof of a physical asset that is stored on the digital ledger of transactions, otherwise known as the blockchain. They are not only pictures as many people have known them to be, they can be music, videos, files, digital collectables, and even physical assets such as real estate. 

While one either invests in an NFT project or buys one, knowledge on how to make NFTs for free can help you create your own NFT without spending hundreds of dollars. 

NFTs are non-fungible which means that no matter the hypothesis, it is practically impossible to interchange an NFT with another NFT. The property of non-fungibility in an NFT means that you cannot replace a CryptoKitties NFT with a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT

Recently, NFTs have seen explosive growth. They have created opportunities for new business models that didn't exist before. Artists can now attach stipulations to an NFT that ensures they get some of the proceeds every time it gets resold, meaning they benefit if their work increases in value. Admittedly football teams have been using similar contractual clauses when selling on players for a while. NFTs also give musicians the potential to provide enhanced media and special perks to their fans. And with sports souvenirs, between 50% and 80% of items are thought to be fake, by putting these items into NFTs with clear transaction history, the creator can overcome this counterfeiting problem.

 However, beyond all these use cases, the potential of NFTs goes much further because they completely change the rules of ownership. Smart contracts can be used in place of lawyers and escrow accounts to automatically ensure that money and assets change hands and both parties honour their agreements. NFTs convert assets into tokens so that they can move around within this system.

This has the potential to completely transform markets like property and vehicles. For instance, NFTs could also be part of the solution in resolving issues with land ownership. Only 30% of the global population has legally registered rights to their land and property. Those without clearly defined rights find it much harder to access finance and credit. Also, if more of our lives are spent in virtual worlds in the future, the things that we buy there will probably be bought and sold as NFTs too.

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Why Mint NFT on Polygon? 

The majority of the NFTs that are already in existence are being created and harboured on the ethereum network; although there are many other blockchains to do so such as a Polygon and Solana

One of the major things that deter newbie NFT enthusiasts who may want to create their NFTs is the huge gas fees the ethereum blockchain is known for. Polygon blockchain on the other hand is a very recommended alternative to the ethereum network, especially for those that want to practice their knowledge on how to make an NFT for free. 

Apart from the lower or zero transaction fees, the polygon blockchain also encourages dynamic NFTs and as well as increased user interaction. Also, the ability to make what is called "semi-fungible" NFTs is encouraged on the Polygon network where several people can own one item. 

How To Create An NFT For Free 

OpenSea is the most preferable to make an NFT for free on Polygon and we would be providing you with a step-by-step guide on how to make an NFT for free. 

Create a Wallet:

Before diving into the marketplace to create your own NFT, you need to create a crypto wallet that supports the Polygon blockchain; Metamask is one of the recommended wallets to use. 

Its security is tight and of course, it is free; if you don't want to make use of the app, you can easily add the extension to your Web browser. 

After signing into your Metamask account, do well to click the wallet option and add Polygon to your Metamask.

Acquire Some Crypto:

The amount of crypto you need to mint an NFT depends on the blockchain you want to mint it on; the ethereum blockchain takes a lot of ETH to mint an NFT. 

Concerning how to make an NFT for free, the Polygon blockchain is very much recommended as you don't have to buy much MATIC to mint your free NFTs. Platforms like Yellow Card allow you to purchase bitcoin and send it to your Metamask bitcoin wallet after which you can then switch to Matic.

Fund your wallet with the required amount needed for the transaction and then move on to the next step. 

Create Free Opensea Account:

Once you have your wallet prepared with the needed crypto, the next step is to create an account with the marketplace of your choice; OpenSea is recommended for this. Regarding how to make an NFT for free, OpenSea is arguably the biggest NFT marketplace where free minting of NFTs takes place. 

Connect your wallet to OpenSea by clicking on the wallet symbol on the marketplace and selecting the wallet you are using, preferably Metamask. You will need to input the necessary details about your wallet and account to grant you access to make use of the NFT marketplace. 

Mint The NFTs:

Once you are done with all the necessary steps required by the NFT marketplace, the next thing to do is the actual minting of the NFT. 

Click on the create option that will redirect you to the NFT minter and here, you will need to upload the file you want to be converted to an NFT. Select the blockchain on which the NFT is being created and then your quest on how to make an NFT for free is completed. Note that the file to be uploaded and converted to NFT can be music, videos, and any other type of supported files. 

Make Your NFT Dreams A Reality

One doesn't have to splash millions of dollars on the NFT marketplace to own an NFT; learning how to make an NFT for free will make the difference. This is why top celebrities are joining NFTs such as Messi, Snoop Dogg etc.

Unlike the ethereum blockchain, Polygon supports the creation of NFTs on its network with little or no fees. With the necessary steps like the one listed above, the average internet user can easily create an NFT without spending much.

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