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How to Send Money from Nigeria to Ghana


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Sending Money from Nigeria to Ghana in seconds is finally now a reality. Discover how Yellow Pay is making sending money across Africa easy and fast.

Sending money from Nigeria to Ghana will no longer be a challenge for you after reading this to the end. Technology has made the world a small village, and global payments are on the increase. While online payments have become more popular in Sub-Saharan Africa, sending money across African borders still remains a challenge.

One of the major issues with sending money across Africa is that most fintech solutions were not Afrocentric. This means that they are not pushing well to solve the problem of Africans who simply want to transfer money to loved ones across the continent cheaply, fast and without much hassle. 

For example, the fees connected with cross-border money transfers are one aspect that has contributed to their slow growth and lack of popularity. We see more lapses in the unnecessary long period of days it takes to send such money and the non-acceptance of local currency as a primary means of running such transactions. 

This article will examine how Yellow Pay is making payments to Ghana from across Africa, including Nigeria possible.

What Is Yellow Pay?

You may be wondering what Yellow Pay is. Well, Yellow Pay is Yellow Card’s peer-to-peer money transfer product that allows you to send and receive money in your local currency across African borders instantly. 

Before Yellow Pay, it was not easy to send your Nigerian Naira to a loved one in Ghana and the receiver gets Ghana Cedis in seconds and without an intermediary currency or exorbitant charges.

But thanks to the power of crypto, Yellow Card has launched Yellow Pay to simplify this process. Now, you can easily transfer money to other verified Yellow Card users via Yellow Pay in any African country in your local currency and they receive the worth in their local currency while crypto is moved about.

Best Way To Send Money Across Africa: Yellow Pay

Yellow Pay is a new innovation for sending money across Africa. The product is growing rapidly and is currently in 15 of the African countries where our parent product Yellow Card exists. 

Yellow Pay is powered by crypto and it is another innovation by Yellow Card in making crypto a part of our everyday lives and simplifying crypto usage solutions. While you use your local transaction, crypto is what is moved about while the receiver gets the equivalent after the crypto is exchanged to their local currency.

Yellow Pay stands out from other products as a result of the following;

Convenient And Easy:

One of the most remarkable features of Yellow Pay is that it allows you to deposit your local currency on the app and transfer that to someone in another African country in seconds without you needing a middleman exchanger. 

Better Exchange Rates:

Most existing fintech companies in Africa are usually not the best way to make international money transfers as they have higher costly exchange rates and don’t make the deposit in your local currencies. The fees can be quite low (and sometimes even zero) but beware of the poor exchange rates.

Security Of Funds:

Yellow Card which carries the Yellow Pay product ensures the protection of your funds and protects you from P2P-related fraud. The Yellow Card platform is built from the ground up with the most advanced security features to keep your crypto assets safe. You cannot be scammed on the platform. 

Fast and Prompt Transaction:

Your purchases and transfers are handled instantly and at the best rates when using the Yellow Pay feature.

Great Customer Support:

Yellow Card also offers an around-the-clock customer support experience, allowing you to conveniently conduct transactions with the assistance of the top customer service agents available to assist you.

How to Send Money From Nigeria To Ghana With Yellow Pay

To send money to Ghana on Yellow Pay, follow these simple steps:

  • Login to your Yellow Card account.
  • On the homepage, select “Pay” then “Send”
  • Select the country code, enter the recipient's phone number, and tap “Check phone number”.
    NB: Your recipient must have a verified Yellow Card account in order to proceed to the next steps.
  • Enter the amount you would like to send. You will also see the amount that they will receive in their local currency. Select the reason for sending then tap “Next” to continue.
  • Review the details of the transaction, then “confirm” if everything is in order. 
  • We sent off your money! 🎉Your recipient will receive a text message, with the amount sent and a link to open/download the Yellow Card app. 

You have now successfully sent your money to your receiver in Ghana using Yellow Pay and the amount reflects in their Yellow Pay account instantly in Cedis.

Yellow Pay For Africa

Yellow Card’s overall goal remains to bring financial inclusion to Africa, and initiating Yellow Pay is a further step in that direction. We want to make money transfer easy and very cheap across African borders, not just sending money from Nigeria to Ghana and vice versa.

While we have been using cryptocurrency for trade and exchange in the past, we are expanding our product offering to serve new customers that may not be keen on using cryptocurrencies. They can now use Yellow Pay to transfer money across Africa quicker and cheaper.

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Disclaimer: Yellow Pay uses Yellow Card’s crypto exchange platform to complete customer transactions in USDT. Yellow Pay is not a money remittance or foreign currency exchange service